Get email clarity (finally)

.... and a plan on how to make it work for you

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It's time to get clarity on email marketing

Your ideal client, in this digital marketing world, requires several touches and authentic communications that lead to connection and relationship building. Email marketing is a great way to do that.

But where do you even start?

You've probably heard a lot about lead magnets, email sequences, segmenting, open rates ...... all the things! But what do they mean, and more importantly, what do they mean to you and your specific business and/or niche?

How do you create a lead magnet that people will want?

It's time to finally, once and for all get clarity on the process.

I want clarity

As you may already know:

Your ideal client requires several touches and authentic communications that lead to connection and relationship building.

And that is all before they even engage or reach out to you in a way that matters, or leads to business.

You want to connect with your ideal client from the very first contact to form deep relationships, credibility, and authority on a regular basis. But before you can connect, you first need to attract them.

If you feel disorganized and stuck when you sit and try to write your own email sequences - then you need more clarity on why and how to get unstuck.

Join the workshop for $67

Here is what you will get during this workshop:

Clarity and guidance

  •  An understanding of the full email marketing process
  •  Ideas on defining and re-defining your ideal client
  •  Defining your personal brand
  •  A clear explanation of how lead magnets work
  •  Extreme clarity on how welcome and nurture email sequences work

A game plan

  •  A guide to creating or improving your lead magnet
  •  Steps on how to create and deliver your lead magnet
  •  Ideas for your welcome and nurture sequence emails
  •  Ideas on how to write and send highly engaging and converting emails to the right audience


  •  Emails and email prompts to get you started
  •  Workbooks to help you outline your entire email process from attracting clients to engaging with them through email and creative content
  • A marketing plan to promote your lead magnet
  •  Recording of the live training

Have we met?

Hey friend! I'm Nicole.

... and if you are ready to make simple and impactful changes to your email marketing and content creation, then you're in the right pIace!

Chances are we may have already met. For the past few years, I have been training Travel Pros like you online and at in-person workshops.

As a former Regional Director of Sales at Sandals and Beaches Resorts, I have spent the last 18+ years educating Travel Agents on marketing their travel businesses. Travel is what I do, for life, and work.

My simple and direct approach to travel contact creation and email list building is designed to help you tap into your own unique power as a Marketer to grow that wildly successful travel business you dream of.

Now, let's get that load lifted off your shoulders

In the email clarity workshop, you will get clear on exactly who you serve, where to find them, and how to attract them.

Learn how to use your knowledge, authenticity, and experience to write great emails that connect and convert.

During this live (and recorded) workshop you will learn how to stop throwing different list-building ideas at the wall and hoping one will stick and instead, have a clear and dependable list-building system you can depend on to grow an audience of your ideal clients.

So, basically, clarity. 

And as you know, once you have clarity you are unstoppable.

Yes please!

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